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The Lesser Known Startup Financing Option: Individual Development Accounts

Today, the landscape of entrepreneurial finance is teeming with a variety of financing options. We are witnessing the democratization of startup investing through a proposed easing of securities regulations. Companies may soon be able to “crowdfund” up to $1,000,000 in any 12-month period from unaccredited and unknown investors using either an Internet Funding Platform (registered […]

Don’t Have a Passion Yet? Start Investing in Yourself

This piece was originally published in the Huffington Post and the Startup Weekend Blog. I feel let down and mildly annoyed at the grand opaqueness of advice given by university commencement speakers such as “follow your bliss”, “listen to your heart”, or “do something you’re passionate about.” That’s all well and good, but that advice […]

Entrepreneurship Is Exploding In Egypt

My most distinct memory of Startup Weekend Alexandria (September 2011) were the fireworks that were shot off after the event. Of course, I remember the amazing final pitch delivered by Sara Galal of Sweety Heaven with her hand puppet, how everyone clapped when Saad Khan was introduced as co-founder of Film Angels – among other things – […]

If I was the Prime Minister of Lebanon Supporting Tech-Entrepreneurs I would …

Lebanon is a wonderful place and the government and other vested interests are serious about creating an environment that empathizes with the life of an entrepreneur. However, during my recent trip to the country I observed a few things that the Lebanese Government could do to create a more supportive environment for entrepreneurs and investors. So, if I was the […]

Creativity > Cloning: Creating a Culture of Innovation in Asia

This past Monday I had the opportunity to participate in a “fireside chat” with Fraser Mendel, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Edwin Green, a partner at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Rebecca Fannin, author of Silicon Dragon and Startup Asia. It was a really great experience to converse with several people from the Seattle community […]

Startup Weekend Stories: Cloudmine

Each weekend all over the globe Startup Weekend events are taking place from Bloomington, Indiana to Lahore, Pakistan – and sometimes I am lucky enough to fly over and help manage the event. During this time I get to watch the very beginning stages of entrepreneurial stories unfold. I find it such an amazingly beautiful thing to see and feel […]

How to Rock Your Startup Weekend Event

Each Startup Weekend event is a platform for experiential education in entrepreneurship. In order to make the most of your experience, I’ve put together a few suggested guidelines for working through the weekend. These are my views only, and are not representative of Startup Weekend.  1.     Prepare Your 60 Second Pitch Startup Weekend events are […]