Hide your cash, hide your wallets, cause Tabio is here. Sign up below to find out when it's coming out before your friends do.

Better, Faster and Efficient.

Tabio is so simple and intuitive, the only thing you need to worry about is how to have more fun when you're out partying!


Launch the app when you're out and about, it's smart enough to know which bar you're in. Just select your desired credit card for the night and with one click the bartender will know you're in the system and ready to get turned up!


Anytime you feel the need to check out how much damage you (or your friends) have done to your tab, you can in real time. Or if your night is about to come to an end, you can quickly view your bill before you pay.


Clubs closing, let's wait in line to close our...err wait we don't have to anymore! All your payment information is logged securely on our servers, just choose the appropriate gratuity and bounce. Bye Felicia!

How is Tabio the best?

Waiting for your tab is a thing of the past, let's control whenever & wherever the party stops.

  • No bar left behind.

    That's right, we don't plan to be only useful in one or two bars in Kansas!. No offense to Kansas, but we have a dream, and that dream is to be in every bar and nightclub in the USA, no matter how small or old it is.

  • Uber integration.

    DUI's are expensive and dangerous. Why not catch a ride right to that bar you're looking at from inside our app? Yup, it's that c-word again - convenience.

  • Fast AND Secure.

    Built for speed to maximize your fun time, it is also very secure too. We make sure of it because we use it too :)

iphone app preview
  • Guy:Girl ratio.

    Oh yes, we went there! Now girls and guys can really know how poppin' a club is without stepping foot inside!

  • Yelp reviews.

    New area? No problemo. Yelp ratings and reviews displayed proudly (and sometimes embarrassingly) right inside the app.

  • Smart location recognition.

    Not to be creepy but we don't want you to make the mistake of opening a tab at the wrong bar. That's why when you first open up the app, we use your GPS location to display the correct bar you're in.

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